ISO 14001

This is a manual on what must be done to establish an environmental management system (EMS). It comprises processes, policies, strategies, procedures, and documents that outline the guidelines for how your business deals with the environment. ISO 14001 provides a structure and policies for creating an EMS for any business.

Environmental Management System certification to the ISO 14001 standard helps organizations demonstrate an ongoing commitment to improving environmental performance. The standard has been subject to a comprehensive rewrite to ensure that its aims and purpose support the changing needs of today’s world and reflect the increasingly complex environment in which organizations operate.

ISO 14001:2015 puts a greater emphasis on proactively improving environmental performance and embeds environmental management within an organization’s strategic plans. It is suitable for organizations of any size and in any sector.

ISO 14001 Certification - Benefits

  • Showing your business partners, regulatory agencies, and community that you are environmentally responsible.
  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Increasing your access to new customers and business partners
  • Increasing profits through potential process improvements and energy conservation
  • Reducing your environmental liability
  • Reducing costs as a result of potentially lower insurance rates
  • Verifying your systems for recognizing & complying with environmental laws & regulations
  • Reduction in use of hazardous materials and generation of hazardous wastes
  • Ability to identify and implement significant safety improvements
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