ISO 21001

The international standard ISO 21001:2018 describes the requirements for a management system for educational organizations (EOMS) and spotlights the most important asset of your educational institution – the provision of education itself. ISO 21001 focuses on the actual learning needs and requirements of learners, the development of appropriate content and offerings, and the evaluation of outcomes.

ISO 21001 is valid worldwide. All requirements are of a general nature and apply to any educational organization, regardless of the scope and nature of the provision of the educational service. Thus, the ISO standard is aimed at colleges and  universities, industrial companies providing in-company training, educational academies of associations and institutions, and early childhood education institutions. ISO 21001 certification also provides assistance in understanding leadership and strengthening the overall corporate culture.

Furthermore, the focus is on learning success, professional personnel management, and sustainable knowledge management. The certification also offers support in optimizing and stabilizing the processes of an audit.

ISO 21001 Certification - Benefits

  • Development of service processes and a service offering according to the actual needs of your learner
  • Increase in product safety and reduction of product liability risk
  • Assistance in conceptualizing new business ideas and business plans
  • Access to new markets, new knowledge, and new partnerships
  • International comparability of the management systems of different providers in the education industry.
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